About Us

PixTattva is a Bangalore based creative agency offering some unmatched services in the field of photography, video productions, branding and designing. With spectrum of remarkable services under one roof, we offer, some definite and unique solutions which are always on target. We at PixTattva love doing our job and believe in creating ideas that are innovative and practical at the same time. 

Our USPs as a Creative Agency

What Makes Us Different 


Customize Work-Our Approach!​

We deliver some high-end customer services, try to reach our customers in the most efficient way delivering services that meet their expectations. ​


Expertise and reliability our forte!​

With our sincere efforts, top creative talents, work expertise and our commitment to the customer satisfactions, reliability have become our forte

Customer Satisfaction- That's Guaranteed!​​

We treasure each single client that we have, and toil day in and day out to make our services meet their expectations our motto is to make every customer a happy customer. 

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Our Goal as a Creative Agency



PixTattva wants to provide a quality visual dimension to its customer’s success stories.


PixTattva will capitalise on the growing visual production market through its competent team and usage of latest Technologies.

PixTattva is committed to deliver its customer an affordable, innovative quality visual products.