Our Team


We have a dynamic and genius team to serve you!​​

With a team of dedicated workforce, we toil day in and day out to provide the desired results. Our team of expert professionals invests their time and effort to understand your needs and provide you the best possible outcome. 

Yes, we are proud to say that...

Our Passion make the difference

At PixTattva we know that patience is the virtue, when a client walks into us we listen patiently their aspirations, there vision, there specifications even the trivial of them and then device a strategy that creates transformative results for the clients. We at PixTattva love doing our job and believe in creating ideas that are innovative and practical at the same time. 

Our Creative Talents



Sandeep, a passionate creative person who likes to involve in quality visual projects. He is a film director, writer, lyricist in Kannada film industry. He has written and directed a Kannada movie and many short movies. Sandeep was working in IT industry for over 15 years before getting into the creative field.



Sathish is a film editing professional, known for his works in Kannada Film Industry. Sathish has got over 8 years of experience in film editing and has worked as main editor for over 15 Kannada movies. A passionate editor who is appreciated for his editing efforts in successful Kannada movies like Vishnu Circle and Nanna Prakara



Deepak is a creative professional with over 15 years of experience in Motion graphic, VFX, Compositing, Color correction, Creative art, Audio mixing, Videography Assisting and e-Learning. Deepak lead teams which involve in post production activities of video projects in the domains of feature films, Educational and Medical. A passionate individual with keen inclination towards delivering quality visual projects.



Devoo is a professional cinematographer with over 10 years of experience. He has worked in numerous Kannada Films as Associate cameraman to start with and then as DOP. He has worked with several different directors and producers in Kannada film industry. Along with movie projects, Devoo also involves in Documentaries, Candid videography, Short films and other visual projects.